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Adding an LTI Application


AppsAnywhere has the ability to link an LTI application to an LMS in order to deliver AppsAnywhere applications to end users through the LMS. Once you link AppsAnywhere to an LMS your course admins will be able to link a course to an App List and allow students access to the applications in the App List.

Creating an LTI application

  1. Log into AppsAnywhere as an admin user

  2. Click on Return to Admin to access the AppsAnywhere admin portal

  3. On the navigation buttons at the top right of the page, select the Connectors menu (the small plug icon) and then LTI Applications

  4. Click on the + Add button on the top right of the page

Enter the details of your LTI Application:

Form Field Name


Expected Value



The name to be displayed in both AppsAnywhere and the LMS.

For example in Canvas, this will be the label of the course navigation button added to the menu.

You can call the application anything you want, this will be displayed in the LMS.

AppsAnywhere Apps

Learning Management System

The LMS you are connecting to AppsAnywhere.

Currently only Canvas is supported.

The same LMS as the one you are intending to connect with.



The type of application presented through LTI.

There is potential for different AppsAnywhere functionality to be offered through LTI in the future, though currently only App List functionality is available.

The type of application you would like to use within the LMS.

App List

Select connection to authorize against

The LDAP connection or SAML SSO method the users of the application will be authorized with.

Note: to use SAML an additional update will be required to your AppsAnywhere servers.

Users accessing the LTI application within the LMS will be automatically logged into AppsAnywhere; the connection selected here will be used to find the associated directory account.

The account information used to perform this lookup will be taken from the user's SIS ID in the LMS.

The connection which includes users intended to use the application.

This will be a list of all the LDAP connections and SAML SSO methods that have been added to the system.

Campus Directory

Save the application

Once you have entered all of the relevant details of the application, hit the 

Save button

You will then be sent back to the Viewing LTI Applications page, where you should see your new application and the following message: 

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