AppsAnywhere infrastructure can be hosted by the AppsAnywhere team or by using on premise servers.

Regardless of the location, the server requirements and communication remain the same.

Server backups are not a mandatory requirement as data is held in the database.

Servers should be split across multiple datacenters.

A hybrid model of on premise and cloud hosted servers is possible.


  1. AppsAnywhere Infrastructure Diagram

  2. AppsAnywhere & Cloudpaging Infrastructure Diagram

  3. AppsAnywhere & Parallels RAS Infrastructure Diagram

  4. AppsAnywhere, Cloudpaging & Parallels RAS Infrastructure Diagram

Infrastructure Components


AppsAnywhere is an app store-style platform that gives students access to all the software they need.


AppsAnywhere Analytics gives you an in-depth overview of your entire application estate, so you can see exactly how your software is being accessed, including what, where and when.


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