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Request Types


Requests are submitted via the AppsAnywhere Packaging Service, using AppsAnywhere Support login credentials.

Once a request has been submitted; it is managed as a ticket in AppsAnywhere Support.

The follow types of requests are available

Menu apps

These are apps that have existing recipes. They are packaged to default settings and offer the best value. 

Their credit cost is indicated in the Menu Apps | Menu Items table.

If customization is required, click the Bespoke App option from the drop-down menu, and the credit cost will be quoted before work commences.

New versions of apps and updates to apps are not included; costs are per package.

App bundles

Two bundles of popular Higher Ed apps are available on request:

  • Adobe CC bundle

  • Autodesk bundle

All app bundles cost 3,000 credits each and are packaged to default settings.  App bundles can be customized at an extra credit cost.

Details on the contents of each bundle is available on Menu Apps | App Bundles.

Bespoke Requests

Any app request can be customized to meet specific requirements for an additional credit cost.

App bandings and additional credit costs are confirmed before work commences.

If an app is required and not listed, a request can be submitted via the AppsAnywhere Packaging Service and a price will be provided on request, no obligation.

  • On average, a bespoke request on average will cost 1,000 credits

  • Any application that is not on the menu is a bespoke request

  • Free open source software (FOSS) apps are requested as bespoke apps

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