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AppsAnywhere Client Setup (Win)

The AppsAnywhere Client Setup app for Windows is a small app that helps users get the right version of the AppsAnywhere client.

These release notes contain a high-level list of changes in each version.

Version 1.2.0 (Current Version)

Release Date: February 2024


Setup window is now draggable

You can now drag the setup window around by clicking and holding the mouse left button from anywhere on the window. The windows now also have rounded corners (for extra flair).

FIPS-compliant AES

We now use a FIPS-compliant AES implementation to enable deployment in environments that enforce FIPS compliance policies in Windows.

Updated to .NET Framework 4.8

The app now runs on .NET Framework 4.8.

The app will it will not automatically install the correct .NET Framework version if it is missing, so this must be installed to run the app.


  • AAWIN-116 - Some exceptions are not logged

  • AAWIN-288 - Incorrect font

  • AAWIN-304 - Setup app does not handle cases where the AppsAnywhere updater errors or requires a system restart

  • AAWIN-326 - Security fix

Version 1.1.0

Release Date: January 2023


Support for client 2.0.0

Improved folder cleanup when upgrading to client version 2.0.0 and above.

Updated branding

Company name and copyright information updated to “AppsAnywhere Ltd” and a refreshed application icon design to match our latest branding.


  • AAWIN-248 - Security fix

  • AAWIN-252 - Third-party client pre-deploy does not occur when the client is launched after installation via the setup app due to an unknown institution ID

  • AAWIN-264 - Improved setup can be renamed during runtime causing crashes

Version 1.0.0 (Initial Release)

Release Date: June 2022 (part of AppsAnywhere 2.12)


  • Provides a simplified setup experience.

  • Detects any currently installed client and intelligently downloads and installs/upgrades the correct version of the AppsAnywhere client.

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