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Network File Share

AppsAnywhere and other services will require access to a network share to store and provide access to resources.


The Network File Share will need to be accessible to your servers and your app admins. No end user access is required


  • An initial 1TB storage space is recommended for on premise deployments.

  • This may need to increase as more apps are published.

  • Only precache files are required when servers are hosted by AppsAnywhere.


We recommend use of a file server or SAN with at least weekly backups. Loss of Repository files or access may result in a service interruption.


Share access and modify permissions will be required for the AppsAnywhere Support user account and your AppsAnywhere App Admin and AppsAnywhere System Admin AD security groups will need full access from the root share and all sub directories.

  • The Cloudpaging Service account needs access to the Repository share

  • The AppsAnywhere Downloads service account needs access to the SecureDownloads share.



Example Path


Root Share


~ 1 TB










Secure Downloads



Precache files




This is an area to use as general storage for your System Admins and AppsAnywhere Support user. Installers, documentation, scripts etc. used for the installation and upgrades of your AppsAnywhere infrastructure.


If using Cloudpaging to deliver applications, this area is specifically a work area for your packagers to place applications installers and packages that they are working on or have archived.


Used by Cloudpaging this directory hosts the complete virtualized packages. When publishing Cloudpaging applications, the Cloudpaging service will copy the application to a cache area on the individual Cloudpaging Paging servers.

No end-user access is required.

Secure Downloads

The AppsAnywhere Secure Download Delivery Method allows you securely host files, installers etc and serve them via the AppsAnywhere portal to your users.

This area is mounted via SAMBA on the AppsAnywhere appliances using the AppsAnywhere Downloads service account.

Precache files

The location where virtual package contents are stored for How to Configure and Use Pre-caching on Managed Devices.

This is a mandatory requirement for AppsAnywhere Cloud to achieve optimal performance on managed devices.

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