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Upgrading a Cloudpaging Application

Upgrading a Cloudpaging Application


The Cloudpaging Upgrade functionality in AppsAnywhere Admin allows administrators to seamlessly deliver new versions of Cloudpaging applications to end users.

This is the only delivery method that supports the upgrade mechanism and is one of the main benefits of Cloudpaging.

Add the new Cloudpaging application

  1. Edit the Application in the AppsAnywhere Admin Portal

  2. Add a display name for the existing delivery method (e.g. Application v1.0)

  3. Create a new Cloudpaging delivery method for the new version of the application

  4. Add a display name for the new delivery method (e.g. Application v2.0)

  5. If deploying a patched version of an STP, change the deploy version in the advanced settings of the new delivery method

  6. Save the delivery method

  7. Move the new delivery method above the old one in the smart prioritization list (so it is the version used for new launches)

  8. Click Save Order

Create a Cloudpaging upgrade 

  1. Proceed to Cloudpaging>Manage Upgrades and click Add

  2. Select the existing delivery method in the From Delivery Method field

  3. Select the new delivery method in the To Delivery Method field

  4. Check or uncheck the Is mandatory field as required

    1. If checked, the next time a user launches the existing application version from Cloudpaging Player, they will be prompted to upgrade. The existing application will close and be replaced with the new delivery method

    2. If the upgrade is not marked as mandatory, the user will be prompted with the option to defer the upgrade

  5. Navigate to Settings > Caching and clear All data caches

Remove the old delivery method

Once there are no sessions for the old Cloudpaging delivery method it can be deleted from AppsAnywhere. 

  1. Navigate to Cloudpaging > Manage Sessions to see if any sessions still exist

  2. Search for the application name

  3. Check if session still exist

If no sessions exist

  1. Edit the application

  2. Select the old delivery method

  3. Click Delete

If sessions exist

It is still possible to remove the delivery method by expiring all the sessions linked to it.

If sessions are expired, end users will be prompted with a license expiry message and the application will be removed from Cloudpaging Player.

They will then need to relaunch from AppsAnywhere. With the upgrade configuration in place, the new launch will be of the new Cloudpaging delivery method.

To proceed

  1. Edit the application

  2. Select the old delivery method

  3. Click Delete

  4. A prompt will appear that sessions still exist

    This action cannot be completed right now

    The delivery method cannot be removed at this time as there is currently an active app session associated with the delivery method.

    Please expire the relevant app session(s) first and try again.

    You can use the button below to open the Cloudpaging app session management page, where the list will automatically be filtered for you and you can then expire them in bulk.

  5. Click Show Me

  6. Multi-select all the filtered sessions

  7. Click Evict (if applicable)

  8. Click Expire

  9. Navigate back to the delivery method to be removed

  10. Click Delete

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