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Adding a Cloudpaging Environment


AppsAnywhere has the ability to link to any cloudpaging environment in order to deliver cloudpaged applications to end users. Once you link AppsAnywhere to a new cloudpaging environment you will be able to import applications loaded into that environment into AppsAnywhere and make them available to your users through AppsAnywhere. In this article, we will discover how to create a new connection to a cloudpaging environment.

Creating the connection

  1. Log into AppsAnywhere as an admin user

  2. Click on Return to Admin to access the AppsAnywhere admin portal

  3. On the sidebar menu, go to Connectors > Cloudpaging

  4. Click on the Add environment button on the top right of the page

Enter the details of your Cloudpaging environment:

Form Field Name


Expected Value



A friendly name for the connection

You can call the connection anything you want

My Cloudpaging Environment

License Server Hostname

The fully qualified domain name for your cloudpaging license server

Ideally, this should be a load balanced address that encompasses all of your available license servers

License Server Port

The port that your license service is running on

This usually depends on whether you are using a secure connection or not


Is Secure?

Whether or not to use a secure connection when connecting to your license service

By default, cloudpaging license services are set up over a secure connection


Provider Key

The Service Provider Key that cloudpaging server uses to authenticate requests

This can be found by logging into your cloudpaging admin interface, under Systems > Configurations > Web Service Key


API Server URL

The URL for your cloudpaging admin interface, including the /jukeboxserver suffix

If possible, this should be a load balanced URL that encompasses all of your available admin services, but this is not essential as this is only used when you are making changes in AppsAnywhere, not for servicing end users

Directory Repository Filter

If you only want to make a subset of applications available from the cloudpaging environment, you can limit the link to a specific directory in the repository by adding them as a filter here

Enter a list of directory names, separated by semi colons. Directories must exist under the main repository path for that cloudpaging environment

usually left blank

Save the connection

Once you have entered all of the relevant details of the connection, hit the 

Save button

You will then be sent back to the Viewing Cloudpaging Environments page, where you should see your new connection and the following message: 

Security Considerations

The cloudpaging licensing service is responsible for granting access to applications for a particular user but has no awareness of any of the restrictions defined in, and enforced by, AppsAnywhere. In order to ensure that users have no way of circumventing the AppsAnywhere restrictions, you should ensure that your cloudpaging license service is only able to accept requests from your AppsAnywhere servers. The easiest way to manage this would be using a firewall or network access rule. 

The only services in your infrastructure that need to be public facing are your AppsAnywhere servers and your Paging servers

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