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App Requests

Spend less time packaging and more time on strategic IT projects

When it comes to packaging, our vision for AppsAnywhere is simple…  No customer packaging required! And we’re making huge strides towards that, with over 150 of Higher Ed’s most common software titles available on day one (including popular apps like SPSS, ArcGIS, Adobe and Autodesk), with absolutely zero packaging effort required. And what’s more, these packages are completely free of charge to our customers.

And while we continue to build on this ever-growing list of the most popular titles, along with regular updates for those packages, we’re here to support customers who might still need a helping hand with any other apps or bespoke configurations. Our experienced in-house team have packaged thousands of titles and will be happy to package your requests on-demand. 

App requests 

For everything else that’s not on our list of Pre-packaged apps, you can submit a request for one of our team to package your app(s) for you. Whether it’s from our popular ​Menu Apps, each of which is listed at a credit cost, or completely ​Bespoke Requests, we’re on hand to package your apps on-demand, no minimum commitment required. 

Accessing apps and submitting requests

  1. Login to the AppsAnywhere Packaging Service using Zendesk credentials:

  2. Search for the app required or select Bespoke Request on Any Other App

  3. Download the STP or click Bespoke Request (if credits are available):


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