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Cloudpaging Server


Cloudpaging by Numecent offers a very powerful integration with AppsAnywhere in that it allows the option for launching virtualized Windows apps to Windows devices, on-demand in a fraction of the time of usual delivery methods.

This sections covers Cloudpaging Server deployment and configuration.

Cloudpaging Server Components

The following components are part of the Cloudpaging Server:

Admin Services

The Admin services provide distinct and configurable web-based interfaces for the administrator and allows for the management of applications via license policies. A web interface is delivered with Cloudpaging Server and is configured to utilize Tomcat to deliver content.

License Services

In the Cloudpaging Server, license policies can be tailored to define parameters that control access and usage of application for a specified period of time. Administrators can create multiple license policies per application. The License services manage license policies and meters application usage by granting, renewing, and expiring user access tokens. Features include:

  • Validating the license policies for applications running on user machines.

  • Tracking software license policies that are currently in use.

Paging Services

The Paging services store, manage and page cloudified applications to the Cloudpaging Player on end-users’ devices.

SQL Server Database

Cloudpaging Server utilizes a standard SQL database to track user information and server resources. All system and user information is stored in the database. This includes system configuration, topology, application information, application license policies, usage, and user account information.


The Repository is the component that stores all cloudified applications. This area must be accessible by all Cloudpaging Server components.

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