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Deprecation Notices

These AppsAnywhere features are deprecated and no longer recommended for use. Each deprecated feature will be removed in a future release.


Shortcut management is deprecated

  • Announced in AppsAnywhere 3.1 (released June 2023)

Due to a number of factors, we are planning to remove the ability to create new shortcuts using the Shortcut Management feature in a future release. We are providing notice now so that those making use of this feature can provide feedback and have enough time to make alternative plans. Please note that we had previously advised this would be AppsAnywhere 3.2 but we have chosen to delay this change to release further down the line; version number TBC. For more details on this change, see Why is shortcut management being removed?


AppsAnywhere 3.2

Apache Cosign SSO is deprecated

  • Announced in: AppsAnywhere 3.1 (released June 2023)

The Apache Cosign project has been unmaintained since December 2021, and support via the Web Server Protected SSO method will be removed in AppsAnywhere 3.2. Cosign Users are encouraged to migrate to modern alternatives such as SAML 2.0.


No deprecations or removals have been released yet. See the upcoming deprecations above.

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