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Parallels RAS Server Specifications


Parallels RAS provides vendor independent virtual desktop and application delivery from a single platform. Accessible from anywhere with platform-specific clients and web enabled solutions, like the Parallels RAS HTML5 Gateway, Parallels RAS allows you to publish remote desktops, applications and documents, improving desktop manageability, security and performance.


The server hardware requirements to install and configure Parallels RAS vary according to software and end-user requirements.

Please refer to the Installing Parallels RAS section of the latest version of Parallels RAS Administrator’s Guide on Technical Documentation & Resources | Parallels Remote Application Server for information:

The hardware sizing for the Remote Desktop Session Hosts should be reviewed to ensure the specification is sufficient for the volume of users and the applications being published.

Some applications may require additional RAM per user session or have other hardware requirements. 

Please refer to Hardware requirements ( to build servers with the appropriate specification, based on the workload (Low, Medium, Heavy, Power) required for end users.

Further information can be found in Parallels Remote Application Server documentation.

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