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Pre-Packaged Apps SLA


This article sets out the Service Level Agreement (SLA) for AppsAnywhere Pre-Packaged Apps.

For App Requests as part of the App Delivery Service, see the App Request SLA.

  • Automated App Licensing is available to all customers using AppsAnywhere 2.11 or above

  • The feature must be enabled by AppsAnywhere Support before use

  • Compatible applications can only be downloaded from the AppsAnywhere Packaging Service

  • Only the applications provided by AppsAnywhere via Automated App License Templates are compatible

  • It is not possible for customers to create their own templates for applications that are not already included

  • New templates are only added periodically, once installation media and licensing details become available

  • Requests for new versions should be submitted in Application Requests | AppsAnywhere

  • Customizations to existing templates are requested as Bespoke Requests

  • All apps are packaged in English (either UK or US) language – if another language is required, this is classified as a bespoke request

  • Only the latest versions available at the time will be converted to Automated App License Templates

  • Patches and fixes are only available for the latest and previous Automated App Licensed version of an App

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

As Pre-Packaged Apps are part of the AppsAnywhere Product, the AppsAnywhere Support Workflow (SLA) applies to related questions and incidents (e.g. security vulnerabilities).

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