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Remote Access


AppsAnywhere Support provides installation, configuration, support and upgrades for all AppsAnywhere, Analytics, Cloudpaging and Parallels RAS services.

To enable this, remote access is required to all servers in an AppsAnywhere environment.

All server access is agreed in advance and recorded in AppsAnywhere Support, in addition to server access logs.

Further information can be found in the AppsAnywhere Support Workflow.

Please contact AppsAnywhere Support to discuss options and configure remote access.

Server access

The preferred access method is via VPN connection and direct RDP/SSH connection to the servers. Access from a dedicated jump box is also recommended.

VPN access can be a dedicated account used by support staff and disabled when not in use, or via named service accounts.

Alternatively, AppsAnywhere Support will work with any existing solution that is configured for contractors.

In order to be able to provide a level of service that is secure for insurance purposes and efficient to use, screen sharing services such as Zoom, Teams and Google Meet are not supported for installation and support purposes.

If a screen share is required, a Quick Assist or TeamViewer session will be created by AppsAnywhere Support.

AppsAnywhere and Analytics (Linux Servers)

The AppsAnywhere and Analytics appliances are pre-configured for secure SSH connections from AppsAnywhere, however, SSH is disabled by default when the appliance is imported.

Before connection can be made First-time Configuration - AppsAnywhere Admin Documentation must be completed to enable SSH access for a specified IP range, in accordance with one of the following options:

a)   SSH access over a VPN connection

SSH access is restricted to the VPN IP range.

Once the VPN connection is established, the connected device can SSH directly to the servers.

b) SSH access via Jump box

Once VPN connection is established, connection to the jump box is via RDP and from that device, SSH connection is established to the servers.

c)    SSH access via Windows Servers

SSH access is restricted to the IP range of a Cloudpaging Admin/License (or other) server.

Once VPN connection is established, connection to the server is via RDP and from that device, SSH connection is established to the AppsAnywhere servers.

Cloudpaging and Parallels RAS (Windows Servers)

For remote access to Windows Servers, the preferred method is for customers to provide a secure VPN connection for the AppsAnywhere support user.

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