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AppsAnywhere Client Setup (macOS)

The AppsAnywhere Client Setup app for macOS is a small app that helps users get the right version of the AppsAnywhere client.

These release notes contain a high-level list of changes in each version.

Version 1.2.0 (Current Version)

Released: February 2024


Updated log file directory

Logs are now written to an AppsAnywhere logs directory instead of Software2:

  • New: ~/Library/Logs/AppsAnywhere/ {date/time}.log

  • Old: ~/Library/Logs/Software2/ {date/time}.log


  • AAMAC-158 - macOS client is not automatically launched after installation via the setup app

  • AAMAC-181 - Security fix

Version 1.1.0

Released: January 2022


Support for client 2.0.0

Support for detecting if client 2.0.0 is installed

Updated branding

Company name and copyright information updated to “AppsAnywhere Ltd” and a refreshed application icon design to match our latest branding.

Updated log file name and app bundle ID

Logs are now written to ~/Library/Logs/Software2/ {date/time}.log.

Application bundle identifier changed to (previously

Version 1.0.0 (Initial Release)

Released: June 2022 (part of AppsAnywhere 2.12)


Provides a simplified setup experience.

Detects any currently installed client and intelligently downloads and installs/upgrades the correct version of the AppsAnywhere client

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