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VMware Horizon

This page provides information required to configure AppsAnywhere and VMware Horizon where appropriate so published resources can be accessed via AppsAnywhere.

This document assumes that a VMware Horizon environment already exists and contains published desktops and/or applications.

Connecting to VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon environments can only be configured by the Global Admin user.

Before you can use any of the VMware Horizon delivery methods, you need to connect AppsAnywhere to your VMware Horizon environment. The following articles in this section will help you manage the connection between AppsAnywhere and VMware Horizon.

Once AppsAnywhere is connected to your VMware Horizon environment, you are ready to start delivering resources. These are all summarized in the VMware Horizon delivery methods article.

SSO Integration

AppsAnywhere and VMware Horizon both support Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML 2.0, enhancing the launch experience for applications and desktops delivered with VMware Horizon through AppsAnywhere.

Guidance is available configuring VMware Horizon SSO Integration in your environment.

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